Friday, November 21, 2008

A view of the world through two New England towns.

Via Hot Air:

David Brooks puckers up and lays a big juicy fat one on some Obama Administration derriere with this column today. Now I'm not one to jump on the David Brooks as RINO mule-driven wagon train, but this column is so sycophantic and giddy over the prospect of a all-Ivy, all-the-time Oval office that it's almost impossible to take it seriously.
Already the culture of the Obama administration is coming into focus. Its members are twice as smart as the poor reporters who have to cover them, three times if you include the columnists.

While Brooks is delirious over the fact that a cadre of academic over achievers has taken up residence on Pennsylvania Ave, I'm not so thrilled. I mean, call me a bleeding heart liberal, but there some merit in having maybe a few people from diverse backgrounds somewhere in the Oval Office? Weren't we trying (and by "we" I don't actually mean to include myself) to achieve just such a thing with this election? Doesn't selecting an administration with such similar educations constitute some kind narrowness??? Granted because their names at suffixed with a "D" that automatically affords them an expanded and magnanimous world view, but - and I could be entirely wrong about this - there are one or two people in this country who are smart, successful and went to a (God forbid) state school?