Friday, October 9, 2009

Hey! He's on a streak!

Wow! What next!

maybe he'll walk over and get it

I was just thinking, maybe Obama will take this opportunity to combine his green initiatives with his true nature and walk over to Europe to pick up his prize.

Friday, October 2, 2009

His entire job

I've often wondered at the near God-like devotion Obama's supporters have for him. We've all seen the "Mmm...mmm...mmm..." videos and it just has be scratching my head. I know there's a lot to charisma and well, the guy does give a heck of a good speech, but there's this feeling that people seem to have that he personifies them. It's almost like they see themselves in him, they feel he defines who they are. They feel that he's some sort of savior, a mystic figure who transcends culture or something. I don't get it.

I never felt that way about either George Bush and I certainly didn't feel that way about John McCain. I maybe had a touch of it for Reagan, but I was a kid then and, really, I never saw Reagan as a hero, I saw him as someone who was standing up for what I believed.

But the truth of it is that no matter who the Secret Service is guarding, no matter what party they belong to, no matter what they say or don't say about whatever the heck it is they're talking about, the fact remains that at the bottom of it all, the man (or woman) is a politician.
A politician, which means that his entire job is not unlike the man being told to dance as an outlaw bandit shoots at his feet.

Somebody get this man a prozac

Wow - so the big O lost his bid for the Olympics in Chicago. Now personally it didn't really bother me that he flew to Denmark to lobby for it, I'm sure he only wanted to help his wife in her time of great personal sacrifice, and who wouldn't want to do that? But from the looks of this presser (that I come to via the great Hotair) Mr. O is a suffering either from some hard-core jet lag or a wee-wee bit of depression that his personal magnetism and his wife's stunning personal fashion sense (to say nothing of the tragic and heroic story of her father) didn't suddenly convince the international Olympic sycophants to apply a little chapstick and pucker up for the backside of the good ol' US of A.

Subtitle this: The sound of a cheap suit folding:

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Canadian health care - shining example

According to the LA Times this past Sunday (and you could have knocked me over with a feather when I saw this on the front page) the so called Canadian system, bright and shining example to afficianados of public options everywhere is moving toward a private option.

More than 70 private health providers in British Columbia now schedule simple surgeries and tests such as MRIs with waits as short as a week or two, compared with the months it takes for a public surgical suite to become available for nonessential operations.

"What we have in Canada is access to a government, state-mandated wait list," said Brian Day, a former Canadian Medical Assn. director who runs a private surgical center in Vancouver. "You cannot force a citizen in a free and democratic society to simply wait for healthcare, and outlaw their ability to extricate themselves from a wait list."