Saturday, December 13, 2008

Some people are REALLY excited about Obama

I know there are certain people in the country and around the world who are excited about the impending Obama presidency, but as it turns out there are some people who are really, really, REALLY excited about the impending Obama presidency.


Via: Global Orgasm

"The world is celebrating the election of the new USA President, Barack Obama, and the hope for change that he has stirred in our hearts. We are riding the wave of joy and renewal, which gives us a flying start for this year’s Global O! It’s the Global OOObama Factor! "

Apparently the big day is December 21st. As if the next few weeks weren't busy enough now I have to squeeze this in. And if that's not bad enough it turns out that the "Global O Time" for Los Angeles is 4:04 AM. I mean come on, I have kids. The last time I saw that hour of the day I was driving toward a location to shoot the sunrise.

Fortunately there are commemorative t-shirts available.