Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Why Pink Hair?

Except for one or two people who know me very well, almost no one I know would identify me as a conservative. There are two reasons for this. One, is because I work and have worked in the entertainment business for the last 18 years I have largely, when it comes to matters political, kept my damn mouth shut (though, come to think of it that goes largely for living and having friends in Los Angeles). The second reason is because my life doesn't typically appear to be conservative. I'm a filmmaker, a burner (which means I attend Burning Man regularly and do weird things there like wear pink (again pink) mini skirts) and a writer. My work ranges from advertising to erotica (though it my trip into the realm of the erotic was VERY short, it serves as illustrative for this example (and would no doubt be career defining if I were ever to run for office)). I am, in short, someone who would be likely to live his life with pink hair (if I actually had any hair left to dye).

Right but why pink? A few weeks ago I was at a John McCain fundraiser in Beverly Hills (thanks to a few wonderful FOA leaders) and there was a girl there who had pink hair. Of course everyone (everyone being the three other people I was with), including my wife, was shocked to see this girl at an obviously Republican event - but my comment to that was, "you know, if I had hair, it might very well be pink." To which my wife replied, "Well, yeah, but you don't have hair."

The whole and entire point of this is just as there are gay republicans who kind of surprise people by being gay, so too are there republicans like me - artists, creatives, weirdos - and it is from this standpoint that I undertake this blog (anonymously so as to keep the toenail hold I have in the business) and it is from that standpoint that I seek to comment on the world and politics at large.